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Designs and installs  landscaping
 in the Dallas - North Texas  area. 
Our goal is to create  the most interesting,
beautiful and unique landscapes
as cost effectively as possible.
We have been doing this
for many years and we know
that a landscape is not just a number
of plants around a foundation.
We see a landscape as an environment
and as an art form that can
express ideas about the people
that inhabit that environment.





Pool  landscape one month after planting
   Today, the ups and downs of the
economy make us fully aware of what has
always been true  - one cannot rely solely on
the magic of the  market to increase the actual
worth of our  property.    
   In Real Estate Sales, "curb appeal" is  commonly known to be second only to location
 in importance to potential buyers. That  translates into "what makes your home special."
  Of all of the  ways to improve the value
of one's home, landscaping is by far the most effective, not only because it makes your home more attractive, but also because it accrues value rather than weathering or depreciating.
   Utilizing relatively inexpensive plants, a wisely
designed landscape will mature into one comprising plants which would cost considerably
 more to purchase, enabling one to realize an
increase of hundreds of per cent in value above
the initial cost, in a very short period of time.
   And, to sweeten the deal,  this investment
is in the beauty and value of your home .
   Something  you experience right now.
   Something that is constantly improving the
 quality and enjoyment of your life. 

Pool  landscape one year after planting


   We have designed and installed landscaping in
Dallas, Highland Park, Richardson, Carrollton, Coppell, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Corinth, Denton, Argyle, Sanger, Plano, Forney, McKinney, just about everywhere in North Texas.  
    For you, we can create landscape plans for dazzling flower gardens, gravel gardens, rock gardens or Japanese gardens by utilizing exotic and unusual plants or take a xeriscape gardening approach utilizing tough, low maintenance plants that are native to Texas or we can easily formulate ideal combinations of both.  
    We can construct ponds with or without fountains, or even create features that only suggest water without requiring a water feature's maintenance.  
    We can uniquely combine plants that grow well here to achieve thematic effects, creating an illusion that your home is in an entirely different part of the planet.
    Through the years some of our specialties have become tropical appearing, natural feeling landscapes around swimming pools and the alterations to the sprinkler systems necessary to sustain them.  
     We can repair, reconstruct and modify sprinkler systems that have been severely damaged by swimming pool companies and many pool companies have relied upon us to return these systems to full operation.  
     We can upgrade, renovate
and customize fences
 and home exteriors to look more detailed and interesting, create fascinating combinations of wood decking, stone paths, groundcover, retaining walls, pavestone, and even tile, to enhance the atmosphere
of your outdoor environment. We can also help you  incorporate your artifacts and sculpture to personalize and make your outdoors an extension of your home.  
     We consider the front lawn landscape to be how people present themselves to the world and the rear lawn landscape as a more personal part of the home because that is where people usually entertain friends and spend their outdoor family time.  
     We understand that there are differences in approaches necessary to meet the individual needs
of our customers.  We feel that it requires more creativity to design environments that serve these specific needs and purposes, especially ones in which people seek to feel comfortable and at home.  
    These are areas in which our company strives to surpass others.  
Tropical appearing pool landscape designed for full sun and to bloom almost year round.

Tropical appearing pool landscape designed for full sun and to bloom year round.

Luxurious foliage effects around porch with trellis. Deep glossy greens add interest to the dark stained wood details.

Luxurious foliage effects around porch with trellis.  Deep glossy greens add interest to the dark redwood stained wood details.

Closeup of swimming pool planter focal point of exotic yet hardy Crinum Lily.

What a great place to entertain, swim or just sit and relax.



We can xeri-scape your
lawn using native plants
that require very little
water and the lowest
maintenance possible,
This xeriscape is as tough as Texas and is designed to screen off an otherwise large empty lawn.
   We accomplish all of this first by  employing a
35 year knowledge of plants
- not only their appearances, growth habits and cultures, but their exact strengths and limitations - enabling us to fully utilize them in specific environments.
  Subdividing your home into micro-climates,
we take into consideration numerous factors, including :  how much sunlight, reflected heat and wind specific areas will experience at different times of the year ;  what kinds of soil and drainage capacities areas have and,  very importantly:  will the landscape have to endure intense sun and heat initially but transition to full shade as trees grow in ?  These are but a few of the considerations made in developing a viable design for a landscape that will endure, problem free, for your home.
   When we design a landscape we first address any engineering problems - drainage, soil retainage, water availability, temperature modification, flood potential, etc. 
   We then look at the architectural elements involved -  the style of home, the sizes,  usage's and definitions of three dimensional spaces, traffic flow and access, privacy and security needs, types of screening, focal points, priorities of viewpoints, choices of architectural materials and what kinds of thematic approaches (if any) are desirable within these parameters. 
   Then we approach the aesthetics - the colors, textures, seasonal effects, levels of relatedness, contrasts, accents and priorities of short term effects and long term goals.  What you enjoy.
   Another major consideration is, of course, maintenance.  How much time do want to spend tending to your landscape?  If the answer is little or none we can guide you through choices of materials, limiting special care to only a few of the most interesting plants or offer alternatives to even these in order to achieve the same effects without requiring extra effort. 
   An underlying goal of all of our designs is low maintenance.  Consider that any plant used appropriately is, in that setting, low maintenance.  We know how to use the right plants in the right places and, of course,  that could very easily  be your lawn.
   Remember, a poorly designed landscape will become less attractive and more troublesome over time, while a well designed landscape will become more beautiful and easier to care for.
   Landscaping is an art form that is alive.  It is an ongoing process.  We look at all landscaping as long term projects and we can work with you to achieve your goals over periods of years. 
If all of these considerations sound overwhelming or too complicated to you  -   don't worry  -   it's what we do. 
   Why don't you give us a call ?

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or we can create a year
round  perennial garden
that blooms constantly through the year.
Low maintenance perennials may be combined to produce year round blooms.
We can make
your landscape
contemporary and architectural,
A very modern or high-tech home looks best with simplistic clean lines in the landscape.
or we can make
it appear that
your home just sprang
up in a forest.
Woodland effects with Fatsia, fern, Oakleaf Hydrangea and Cherry Laurel around Post Oak trees.
We can create a landscape
 for you that, every time you walk outside,  takes you to
 a deep tropical jungle ,
These tropical appearing plants are hardy to cold, but when properly grouped together, can simulate a jungle.
 or to the Mediterranean,
or to the Yucatan,
 or to Colorado,
 or Arizona,
or California,
Low maintenance Mediterranean effect of berm with cascading Dwarf Gardenia.
or to Japan, or wherever
you might enjoy.  We can
also renovate an existing landscape, putting into
better use existing plants
and materials.  We know how to listen and can put into
living reality your wishes for your home in the form of a beautiful, viable landscape that you can enjoy instead of constantly struggle with.
Having lived in Japan for years these owners required authentic Japanese Landscaping